The 2017 Summit/D2 Summit Bid Declarations- All In One Spot!

During the 16-17 season, 1,881 Summit/D2 Summit Bids will be awarded. Summit Bid Declarations are the written procedures HOW your favorite competitions will award Summit Bids this season.

Why is this important? These declarations explain how full paid, at-large bids, and wild  card bids will be awarded by each competition.

See ALL Summit Bid/D2 Summit Bid Declarations listed below-

ACA Nationals Summit/D2 Bid Declaration16-17acaworldssummitd2summitbiddeclaration

American Cheer Power Summit Bid DeclarationACP-summitbiddeclaration17

American Cheer Power D2 Summit Bid Declaration: ACP-D2summitbiddeclaration17

All Star Challenge Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: ASC-biddeclaration17

America’s Best Summit Bid Declaration: AB-summitbiddeclaration17

America’s Best D2 Summit Bid Declaration: AB-D2summitbiddeclaration17

Athletic Championships Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: ATH-SummitBidDeclaration17

Cheersport Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: CS-Nationals-biddeclaration17

Cheerlebrity Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: CLB-SummitBidDeclaration17

Cheer Ltd Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: LTD-summitbiddeclaration17

COA Summit Bid Declaration: COA-summitbiddeclaration17

COA D2 Summit Bid DeclarationCOA-D2summitbiddeclaration17

Coastal Summit Bid Declaration: CAC-summitbiddeclaration17

Coastal D2 Summit Bid Declaration: CAC-D2summitbiddeclaration17

Encore Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: EN-SummitBidDeclaration17

GLCC Summit Bid Declaration: GLCC-summitbiddeclaration17

GLCC D2 Summit Bid Declaration: GLCC-D2summitbiddeclaration17

JAMFest Summit Bid Declaration: JF-summitbiddeclaration17

JAMFest D2 Summit Bid Declaration: JF-D2summitbiddeclaration17

NCA Summit Bid Declaration: NCA-summitbiddeclaration17

NCA D2 Summit Bid Declaration: NCAD2SummitBidDeclaration

One Up Championships Summit Bid Declaration: OU-SummitBidDeclaration

PacWest Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: PW-biddeclaration17

Spirit Cheer Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: SC-biddeclaration17

Spirit Festival Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: SF-SummitBidDeclaration17

Spirit Sports Summit Bid Declaration: SS-SummitBidDeclaration17

Spirit Sports D2 Summit Bid Declaration: SS-D2SummitBidDeclaration17

The American Championships Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: AC-biddeclaration17

UCA Summit Bid Declaration: UCA-summit-biddeclaration17

UCA D2 Summit Bid Declaration: UcA-d2summit-biddeclaration17

Universal Spirit Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: US-SOH-biddeclaration17

USA Summit Bid Declaration: USA-summitbiddeclaration17

USA D2 Summit Bid Declaration: USA-D2summitbiddeclaration17

WSF Summit/D2 Bid Declaration: WSF-SummitBidDeclaration17

Looking for Wild Card Bid Declarations for The 2017 Summit? Find the link here! 17-Summit-Wildcard-Bid-Declaration

Looking for Wild Card Bid Declarations for the 2017 D2 Summit? Find the link here!D2-Summit-Wildcard-Bid-Declaration




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